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The new year has seen a huge boost in the number of Bird Journal users. Some of these users have published content about Bird Journal.  Here are a few:

Video Tutorial: Locations, Entries and Photos by Simon Booton-Mander

My Views on Birding Apps by Terry Woodward

Bird Journal Review by Dr Gerco Hoogeweg

We've received many wonderful comments too.  Here are some of our favorite recent tweets:

"If you watch wildlife, I can heartily recommend @Bird_Journal as a way of recording and analysing your sightings." by @gardener_the

"Have to say mighty impressed with the @Bird_Journal app... Superb for nest recording - only a photo option would make it perfect for me." by @Nestfinders5978

"Been using this for a couple of years and it's great. Couldn't recommend more highly! Fantastic for all recording - not just birds." by @MarkG76

Let us know if you've produced or have seen an article you would like to share.

Wishing you great birding for 2017!

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  • David hill

    1/31/2017 6:56:54 PM | Reply

    I have only been using bird journal 5 since Jan 16. It works really well and I am very pleased. It keeps a great life list updating the count on the fly but how do I keep track of my UK list ? Do I need to use a separate checklist or can I filter somehow ?  Would appreciate some advise. David Hill

    • Justin

      2/1/2017 9:29:17 PM | Reply

      Great to hear you're enjoying it David.  Checklists are mainly used to give you a relevant list to input from.  You can bring up your UK list by filtering to United Kingdom while on the species screen - the filters are at the top of the screen.  This is possible in all of the apps.  Hope this helps!  Justin

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