IOC 10.2 available

We're pleased to announce that IOC 10.2 is live in the library! This was officially released two days ago on the 25th and includes many taxonomic changes and a few splits and newly described species and subspeices. Checklists have been updated to match. Many thanks for the hard work of the IOC team.

Please refer to the IOC website for further details on the changes, including range data available in the master list. Also see our guide on taxonomic updates.

10.1 was made available on 26th June and we hope to demonstrate our ability to stay up-to-date going forward.

The Clements 2019 update will be coming soon as well. However something new will be releasing before this.. stay tuned!

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  • George MacDermid

    8/2/2020 10:06:24 AM | Reply

    Thank you Bird Journal Team for the timely update . BJ is  an integral part to my birding enjoyment

    • Justin

      8/3/2020 9:33:52 AM | Reply

      You're most welcome George.

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