eBird & BirdTrack support improvements

We made a lot of improvements to eBird & BirdTrack support in Bird Journal over the last year. Here are the highlights of what changed:


  • Import of individual eBird checklists now supported
  • Full set of observation types now supported
  • Metric effort values now supported (by including unit e.g. 2.3 km)
  • Export scientific name only for better matching when importing to eBird


  • IOC taxonomy instead of BOU, for worldwide observations
  • Start/end time, grid references, circa & plus counts, complete list, comments & other fields now supported
  • Avoid unsupported newlines and double quotes on export

General import/export

  • Handle missing cells & empty rows in spreadsheets
  • Ignore whitespace in field names
  • Allow import of unambiguous dates using any type of separator

For more details see our guides on importing and exporting.

Please let us know of any areas that can be improved further.

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