Library update notifications

In early versions of Bird Journal we relied on software updates to also provide you with updates to "built-in" taxonomies and checklists. For taxonomies & checklists created by other users there was no mechanism to apply updates from the author.

The Bird Journal Library was first introduced in version 4. It does for taxonomies and checklists what, e.g., the App Store does for apps:

  • Easy discovery of available items
  • Install items so they're available to use without internet
  • Submissions reviewed for accuracy and completeness (See our Library Publish Guidelines)
  • Only install items relevant to you - the library can grow freely without slowing your experience
  • No app updates needed to receive updates to library items
  • User created items can be easily updated for everyone

Given the similarity to how apps are delivered, it's possible we may later allow updates to be automatically installed. For the time being though, we want to give you the control in when they're updated.

One thing that was missing is notifying when updates are available. This is now available in the version 5 desktop app (mobile apps to follow) and you'll start to see notification badges more frequently as we keep taxonomies & checklists up-to-date.

As with installing library items, updates are automatically synced to any other devices you are using.

Keep a look out for more updates appearing soon!

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