A new store for sync

A few months back we got an email from the company that stores all of the synchronized data in Bird Journal, telling us we were running out of space.  A good problem to have some might say!  But a problem that needs solving none the less.

Luckily, the company we use offers space upgrades that can help.  But on reflection, this would quickly become expensive and be harder and harder to maintain.  So we paused and had a think about how we might do better.  We considered learnings from running Bird Journal as a service for the last few years.

The result is a very different approach to storing synchronized data.  It’s faster, highly scalable, easier to maintain, cheaper to run and of course, secure.  We’ve been running this in parallel for a while now, ensuring behaviour is identical.

And it’s live for all account today!

Good for this change is no noticeable difference.  Which is sadly, not terribly exciting.  But it is (we hope) at least comforting to know that this change will allow Bird Journal to continue running smoothly for a long time to come.

As ever, let us know if you have any feedback, concerns or issues.  No app updates are required for this change to be in effect.

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